Training - LTE Protocol and Signalling


LTE constitutes the new 3GPP standard that makes use of OFDMA/SC-FDMA based access technologies in combination with MIMO antenna technologies. The LTE standard also defines a new network architecure and a new layer 2/3 base station protocol that may at an instant process very high data rates. New signaling procedures for call control and mobility management located in the Mobility Management Entity (MME) have been standardized. LTE is based on a flat, simplified all IP-based architecture with a reduced number of network entities, a new Quality of Service concept and the support of seamless mobility between heterogeneous access networks. Many LTE networks are in commercial operation globally.


This training course will provide participants with a detailed understanding of the LTE protocol and signaling as defined in the 36 series of 3GPP specification Release 8. The course will provide participants with an overview of LTE architecture with various network entities and interfaces of the Evolved Packet Core as well as the underlying QoS concept. Non access stratum procedures such as Mobility Management and Session Management will be presented and specific examples will be mentioned. Next, the course will introduce the LTE user and control-plane architecture. RRC, PDCP, RLC and MAC protocols will be explained in detail and an overview will be given of the various channels defined at the various layers. Eventually, exemplary procedures will be presented for initial access, connection set-up, bearer configuration and hand-over.

Day 1 - LTE Architecture and Signalling

•    LTE/SAE Network Architecture and Functional Split
•    Network Topology and Deployment Options
•    Gateway Functionality within Evolved Packet Core
•    QoS Architecture, QoS Bearer and Attributes
•    Mobility and Session Management Protocols
•    NAS Signaling Procedures as Initial Access
•    IDLE State Mobility Procedure and Tracking Updates
•    LTE Voice Services, VoLTE and Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB)
•    S1 and X2 Interface Application Protocols
•    GTP and SCTP Transport Protocols
•    LTE Security (Encryption, Integrity Protection, Legal Interception)
•    Broadcast Signalling and Radio Ressource Control

Day 2 - eNB Protocol Stack Architecture and SON

•    LTE eNB Protocol Architecture with Signalling and Data Radio Bearer 
•    LTE transport channel, physical data channel and control channel
•    RRC, PDCP, RLC and MAC functions and protocols
•    Contention Based and Non Contention Based Random Access
•    LTE Handover procedure during RRC_CONNECTED state
•    Inter-frequency and Inter-system Handover, UE History Information
•    LTE Measurement Types, Configuration and Events
•    Masurement Gaps and Fast Redirection 
•    Introduction to future Self-Organizing Networks (SON)
•    S1 and X2 Setup and Selection of PHY Cell Identity
•    Automatic Neighbour Relation (ANR) Procedure
•    Technology and Architecture Trends towards 5G
•    New LTE Systems for Public Safety, MTC (M2M) and V2X (C2X)