World's first Live Demo of LTE

September 29th 2006 

As part of a Siemens in-house exhibition during Octoberfest in Munich, Siemens and Nomor Research have presented world's first live demonstration of the UMTS successor Long Term Evolution (LTE). Nomor Research's real-time emulation technology was used to highlight the advantages of the emerging brandnew 3GPP standard, which are in particular significantly higher data rates and smaller latencies. Please click here to read the Siemens press release.

According to the current 3GPP assumptions, we assumed a 10MHz systems with a TTI length of 1ms in both Uplink and Downlink. The demonstration included real applications for two live users were shown, as well as a simulation of a number of concurrent users and a number of surrounding cells.

In order to demonstrate the large data rate capabilities, two high-resolution videos at 5Mbps were transmitted to the two live users. We were able to show that the videos run stable, even if one user moves to the cell edge. In addition to this, other users are still able to receive FTP traffic. We also demonstrated the impact of different scheduler strategies, in particular with different levels of QoS-awareness.

In terms of latency, gaming is amongst the most challenging applications. Therefore, we demonstrated how two LTE users can also play an online-game, which demands an extremely low system delay along with a quick user reaction time - the first LTE addicts were diagnosed immediately after.

Please click here to view pictures of the event.

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